Call Waiting

Be reachable when you are already on the phone

VoiceLine Call Waiting ensures that important calls are able to get through to you, even when you are on the line. A short tone alerts you when the second call is coming in and displays the incoming telephone number on your caller ID display. You have the choice to accept the call or not.

If you do not wish to be interrupted during a particular call, you may turn off Call Waiting on a per-call basis. If you do not use Call Waiting at all, you may turn off the feature for all calls.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you hear the tone signaling a second call coming into your line, simply hit the flash button on your phone.
  2. After you hit the flash button, your first call will be placed on hold and you will be connected to the second incoming call.
  3. To switch back to your original call, hit the flash button again. You can switch between callers as often as you like.
  4. A call will not be ended until you or your party hangs up the phone.

Usage Notes:

To deactivate Call Waiting on a per-call basis (so your call will not be interrupted):

  1. Pick up the phone and dial *70.
  2. You will then hear a stutter dial tone followed by a regular tone -- this indicates that the service code was recognized.
  3. Dial your desired number. Call Waiting is deactivated and will not interrupt your call. Note that Call Waiting will be enabled for the next call you make.

To deactivate Call Waiting for ALL calls:

  1. Login to the online account center.
  2. Click the Turn Off button on the Disable Call Waiting page.
    Please note that it may take up to five minutes for the change to take effect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I temporarily deactivate my Call Waiting service, how do I turn it back on?

To reactivate Call Waiting after you have disabled it, simply hang up the phone. Call Waiting is automatically reactivated.

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How many people can I put on hold at one time?
You can have no more than two people connected to your phone line simultaneously, and no more than one person on hold at a time. If you are on the phone with one person and you have a second person on hold, a third person calling you will hear a normal busy signal unless you have Unconditional Call Forward or Call Forwarding on Busy activated. In that case, the call will be forwarded as requested (to VoiceMail or another number).

If you desire to have more than two parties on the same call, try VoiceLine’s 3-Way Calling feature.

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