Speed Dial

Get connected faster to the people you call the most

VoiceLine Speed Dial is a time-saving feature that allows you to store up to 99 telephone numbers for quick and easy dialing.

To set a Speed Dial code from the online account center:

  1. Login to access the Speed Dial page in the account center.
  2. Type the code you would like to assign, a name or description for the code and the phone number exactly as you would dial it on your telephone handset.
  3. Click the Add Code button. The information you typed should appear in the Speed Dial Code list at the bottom of the page.

To set a Speed Dial code from your phone
(shortcut method):

  1. Pick up the phone handset and dial **, the Speed Dial code you would like to use followed by *, and then the phone number. The Speed Dial code can be any number from 1 to 99. (For example, if you would like to assign the phone number (212) 555-9876 to Speed Dial code 7, press ** 7*2125559876)
  2. You will hear a confirmation message when your Speed Dial code has been saved.

To set a Speed Dial code from your phone
(menu method):

  1. Pick up the phone handset and dial *97.
  2. Press 1 and then follow the voice prompts for instructions on setting a Speed Dial code.

Note: You can also edit and delete Speed Dial codes from your phone.

To make a call using Speed Dial:

  1. Pick up the phone handset and dial ** and the Speed Dial code.
  2. The phone number will be played to you, and your call will be placed as if the phone number were dialed directly.

Usage Notes:

Manage the feature online
You can change your Speed Dial settings in the Manage Service Features section of our online account center. Click here to login.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to assign the Speed Dial codes in numerical order?
No. You can set up any of the 99 available codes at any time, in any order. For example, you could set up Speed Dial codes 1-5 with phone numbers of family members and then assign codes 10-20 with phone numbers of business contacts.

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